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Karma Source Healing & Meditation


Body Language, Al Barari


October 13, 2018


11.30am – 1.30pm


Our body's natural self-healing mechanisms like breathing science; spinal breath; and 8th chakra meditation will be taught during this workshop. Karma Healing helps us to understand the changing pattern of our thoughts. It connects us to our own consciousness and releases emotions like sadness, grief, anger, and stress and facilities positive vibrations of joy, peace, and success.

Benefits of the workshop


*  Become aware of the Law of Karma and how it governs our life

*  Balance Chakras - to balance emotions, thoughts and actions

*  Spinal Breath to improve health  

*  Learn to heal issues in your day-to-day life

Workshop Fee:- AED180 (Body Language Members get a 30% discount)

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