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Soul Signature Massages 

Our handcrafted massage treatments have been expertly designed to boost energy and heal in the most natural way possible.

The transformative powers of traditional Thai massage are paired with deep tissue techniques in this healing experience focused upon clearing energy blockages and reviving tired and stressed out muscles.

60/90 mins AED 480/680

Thai Healing 

Let the power of sound unblock and release negative emotions.
Starting with the soothing sound vibrations of a Tibetan bowl, the warm scent of Puri Alchemy’s body oil releases pent-up emotions, awakens intuition and guides you back to serene spiritual and physical order.

75/105 mins AED 550/750

Sound Bath Ritual

Transform tension with this truly indulgent massage.
Enjoy a soothing foot bath before three, uniquely skilled therapists, apply a hot herbal compress onto the body and give you a relaxing full body massage in perfect unison. The journey concludes with a coconut oil head massage.

60/90 mins AED 750/1,050

Six Hands Massage

Inspired by The Earth

We’ve scoured the globe and returned to Heart & Soul with the most effective massage and healing offerings.

Gathered from the sea beneath the Himalayan mountains, healing salt crystals containing 84 trace minerals known to ground and balance the body’s electromagnetic eld, central nervous system, and meridians, are hand-carved to form massage stones to heal and sooth the body.

60/90 mins AED 480/700

Himalayan Healing

This age-old Indian massage technique is known to relieve stress and headaches, stimulate hair growth, and balance chakras. Intense deep kneading and compression is applied over the neck, shoulders, and scalp.

30 mins AED 280/360

Indian Ayurvedic Head Massage

Taking Thailand’s age-old herbal healing practices to a new level, a hot compress is applied to the body before an intensive massage stimulates the body’s vital organs to boost their functionality.

60/90 mins AED 500/700

Thai Herbology

Traditional Thai massage is applied over your clothing without oil. Rhythmic acupressure and gentle Thai stretching aligns the energy of your body, increasing fexibility and improving circulation.

60/90 mins AED 450/650

Traditional Thai

Healing Heart 

Alternative therapies and healing staples to improve chronic fatigue, vitality, and mental clarity.

The heat from healing basalt stones penetrates straight into the heart of the muscle, alleviating tension and aiding detoxifcation.

60/90 mins AED 480/680

Hot Stone

Detoxify your body and improve blood circulation. Deep, intensive pressure transforms muscle tensions.

60/90 mins AED 450/650

Deep Tissue

Focused massage applied to pressure points on the face or feet recalibrate targeted areas of the body, stimulating natural healing processes.

30/60 mins AED 200/380


Reset your body clock and ease stiff and sore muscles after a long day or long haul fight. Get ready for relaxation as long stroke movements stimulate oxygen how and circulation to prepare your body for a superior state of sleep.

60/90 mins AED 450/650

Jet lag

Charme d’Orient

Discover the opulent and transformative powers of Charme d’Orient. Our curation of treatments by the revered French beauty brand uses the highest quality, all-natural ingredients inspired by the rich beauty rituals of Arabia.

Eliminating toxins and impurities and relaxing the muscles, this Turkish bath starts with a steam followed by full body exfoliation and the application of black Moroccan soap. The ritual is completed with a full body foam massage to cleanse and renew.

60 mins AED 600

Turkish Bath

The ritual begins with a steam and scrub using black Moroccan soap, followedby a wrap with purifying Ghassoul mineral clay and a regenerating Argan oil massage.

60 mins AED 600

Royal Hammam Ritual

A divine add-on to the Royal Hammam Ritual. A 100% natural white honey mask nourishes the skin, leaving it satin smooth.

90 mins AED 720

Honey Paradise Hammam Ritual

Soulful Scrubs

Cleanse, stimulate, and detoxify the skin.
Our scrubs increase blood and lymphatic how and improve the penetration of nourishing products.

Lime, ginger, or frangipani salts gently slough away dead skin cells, stimulating new growth. A cleansed blank canvas, your skin is ready to absorb deeply nourishing body oil.

30 mins AED 300

Shine Through

This nutrient-dense detox wrap uses antioxidant-packed green tea balm to stimulate the elimination process and restore equilibrium, leaving you deeply detoxifed.

60 mins AED 550

Thousand Flower Detox

This radical mineral treatment stimulates the body on a cellular level, alleviating muscular pain, removing toxins, and deeply relaxing the body.

60 mins AED 460

Hot Mineral Healing

Body by Sodashi

Taken from Sanskrit, Sodashi translates into ‘wholeness, purity and radiance’. Known as a leader in luxury skincare, this Australian brand fuses biochemistry, aromatherapy and

Ayurvedic principles. Each of these thoughtful treatments is carried out using targeted products from this exclusive chemical-free, botanical brand.

Deeply meditative, this experience brings the body’s seven chakras into alignment through a fluid combination of massage, specific essential oil blends and healing crystals. Working subtly on the energetic body with profound effect, this truly unique experience leaves you feeling calm and in a state of harmony, resulting in enhanced overall wellbeing.

90 mins AED 600

Chakra Balancing

This deluxe treatment works on both face and body to provide a complete head-to-toe experience, delivering incredible results in terms of released muscular tension, improved digestion, detoxification and skin radiance. The benefits extend far beyond the physical as stored emotions and negativity are released.

90 mins AED 650

Arabian Oud Renewal

This treatment is designed to release deep seated tension from the body. The movements include a combination of deep tissue, Swedish, lymphatic drainage, and acupressure points. This specialised full body massage has been designed to stimulate circulation, remove accumulated toxins, and effectively relieve water retention.

60 mins AED 450

Tension Relief Body Massage

This treatment begins with a relaxing Sodashi Himalayan salt therapy back scrub to ease stress and reduce tension. A deep cleansing and exfoliating facial then balances the skin’s natural oils, soothing irritation. The treatment closes with a relaxing massage to tone and rm facial muscles, leaving the face looking fresh and revitalised.

60 mins AED 550

Face and Body Therapy

Gentlemen’s Grooming

Designed to treat men’s specific skin concerns, this treatment begins with a relaxing Sodashi Himalayan salt therapy back scrub to ease stress and reduce tension. A deep cleansing and exfoliating facial then balances the skin’s natural oils, soothing irritation and preventing ingrown hairs. The treatment closes with a relaxing massage to tone and rm facial muscles, leaving the face looking fresh and revitalised.

60 mins AED 550

Mankind Facial

This treatment is designed for men on a tight schedule. The process starts as the stubble is softened using essential oil extracts before a precise shave is performed, then the face is soothed and rehydrated with a nourishing post-shave treatment.

AED 90

Traditional Shave

First impressions count. For those that need to face the world feeling confident this 50 minute treatment refreshes and recharges while promoting tissue regeneration.

AED 150

Heart & Soul Signature Shave

Combination Services